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I love my clients and working with you.! Thank you for the kind things you say about the U Strong Fitness program.


"When I moved to Seattle I thought I wouldn't have a problem losing weight since I'd be walking everywhere. I learned very quickly that walking from happy hour to happy hour wasn't going to help me. I've never really had a problem with working out. I can't say that I loved it, but I'd do it. It was the abundance of food and drinks that I couldn't seem to get away from. Nutrition was a major problem for me. I never thought I'd be one to look forward to meal prepping on Sundays and bringing lunch/snacks to work everyday. I did that for 12 straight weeks during the U Strong Fitness program and I plan on continuing to do so. Jess helped me start the big change I needed in my life, and I'm not looking back!" –  Joyce from Seattle, WA

"Jess was vital in changing my attitude about going to the gym and my overall fitness. She showed me that working out is not a luxury, but it is a MUST for a happy healthy life. I became motivated to make it part of my daily routine, and she has made it now that I hate NOT going to the gym! Her training changed my life and I wouldn't be anywhere close to where I am today, without her guidance, inspiration, and encouragement. Thank you Jess!" –  Marye from Spokane, WA

"Jess is knowledgeable, motivating and supportive. Her passion for what she does is clearly shown in her ability to encourage, help set obtainable goals and push myself to be the best version of ME." – Erin from Houston, Texas

"If asked about  starting this program 12 weeks ago, I would have said I would try, but would not make any promises. This is not one of  those quick challenges to eat better and workout—this is  a lifestyle change! Well, today I am able to say that I have officially completed 12 weeks of changing my life for the better and I'm 17 pounds lighter! I'm forever thankful to Jess. She was a constant help and never got annoyed with all my text questions about "what kind of protein do I need?" and "uh, how exactly would you measure this?"And don't forget the "I sent you my meal plan, please don't get rid of my extra butter popcorn!" Haha! She's amazing and I couldn't have done this without her guidance and commitment. Thanks for everything Jess!" – Paige from Middleburg, FL

"Jess not only made me see fitness as a lifestyle, but a way of life that is fun! She helps me take what I love already and makes sure that in a healthy way I can get to my goals. She is always there to encourage me through the struggles, and also there to celebrate the victories - big or small!" – Emily from Cummings, Georgia

"I was a division one athlete in college, so I knew how to workout and lift. Even though I had that experience, I wasn't the best at putting together my own workout plans to get results. Jess is excellent at putting together workout plans, especially ones that don't make your bored and hate what you are doing. She is even better at motivating you to keep pushing, even when you want to quit. Her workout plans, coupled with the personalized meal plans were exactly what I needed to kick start my new healthy journey. — Amanda from Maple Valley, WA

"Doing the 12-week program with Jessica was the best thing I  decided to do for myself. Jessica is so passionate about fitness and health and it is so contagious! She helped me get out of my comfort zones in the gym and in the kitchen. I didn't just become stronger physically in the 12 weeks, I also became stronger mentally. She has helped me to become a better version of myself with my health." — Kim B. Kirkland, WA

“Jess’ program helped me in ways I never knew she would help! Her meal plans helped me not only lose the weight, but also helped me truly understand flexible dieting. Her workout plans were easy to follow, I was never bored and always kicked my butt! This program is only the start and I can’t wait to continue my fitness journey with the help of my coach, Jess!” Taryn from Las Cruces, NM



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